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The Lears Macaw, found in the Bahia state of Brazil, is the second rarest

macaw in the wild. The 20068 census was 750+ birds. 

Approximately 50+ exist in captivity.

Click here for the definitive publication on the Natural History of the Lear's Macaw


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Note: Parrots International is a member of

The Committee for the Conservation and Management of the Lear's Macaw


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Lears 1


    Adult Lear's Macaw flying off with a raceme of Lucuri

     nuts (Syagrus coronata),

        Bahia, Brazil




Lears 2


   Three adult Lear's Macaw feeding on Licuri Palm nuts

    (Syagrus coronata)

    The nut of the Licuri Palm is over 95% plus of the Lears diet




Lears 3


   Fledgling Lear's Macaw in the crown of a Licuri

    Palm tree (Syagrus coronata)





Lears 4


   Lear's Macaw about to Fly from a Licuri Palm

    with a raceme of nuts





Lears 5


    Adult Lear's Macaw feeding on Licuri Palm nuts






Lears 6


    Adult Lear's Macaw Feeding in Licuri Palm






Lears 7


    Adult Lear's Macaw flying off with Licuri nut raceme






Lears 8


    A mated pair of Lear's Macaws flying over

     the Serra Blanca



Lears 9


   Fledgling Lear's Macaw (upper left) begging from parents

        Note: the baby Lear's Macaw will depend on its'

        parents to feed it regurgitated Licuri palm nuts for   

        months after fledging from the nest.



Lears 10


   Fledgling Lear's Macaw (age approximately 4 months)   

    bathing in the rain





Lears 11


    Adult Lear's flying off with Licuri Palm nut raceme






Lears 12


    Fledgling Lear's Macaw (age approx 4 months)

    in a Licuri Palm





Lears 13


    Adult Lear's in Licuri palm






Lears 14


    Adult Lears Macaw with Licuri palm nut raceme






Lears 15


    Adult Lear's Macaws cracking Licuri nuts in a Licuri Palm






Lears 16


    Family unit of Lear's Macaws in a Licuri Palm






Lears 17


   Family unit of Lear's Macaws in a Licuri Palm






Lears 18


   Family unit of Lear's Macaws in a Licuri Palm






Lears 19


   Empty Licuri palm nut shells discarded by

    Lear's Macaws





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