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You can obtain your DVDs by making a donation to Parrots International to support field research and parrots conservation in the wild.




You can send your Donation via PayPal or checks for $55 per DVD can be mailed to:


Parrots International

15332 Antioch St. #417

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Please Include your shipping information

and email address for confirmation.


Please specify the DVD gift title you would like to receive.......



Parrots International currently has three DVDs of Parrots in the wild:




1.    "Parrots in the Wild DVD vol. 1"

"Parrots in the Wild Vol. 1" is a 43 minute DVD of the complete collection of :

"Blue Throated Macaws; Lear's Macaws; Red Fronted Macaw;

Parrots of the Timpia Clay Licks; and Great Green Macaws.

via PayPal



2. "Amore !" - Parrots in the Wild DVD vol. 2

"Amore !" is a 27 minute video celebrating the companionship of parrots.

Parrots in the wild are never found without their companion,

either sitting at their shoulder or flying at their wing-tip.

"Amore !" features numerous species of macaws, amazons, conures and toucans.

via PayPal



3.    "Saving the Baby Blues" - Parrots in the Wild DVD vol. 3

"Saving the Baby Blues" is a 22 minute video documenting the rescue and rehab back to their nest

of two baby Hyacinth macaw chicks in the Pantanal of Brazil. Included is the Animal Rescue

TV episode (an additional 11 minutes)

via PayPal




 All DVDs are in full screen, high resolution, broadcast quality video.



The Parrots in the Wild  DVDs are DVD-R format and will play on most newer Microsoft computers, and most stand-alone DVD players. Unfortunately they do not play on many Macintosh computers.

Macintosh will be available in the near future



For purchase of high resolution photographs contact  Parrots  International Photos

For donation to obtain your own DVDs go to Parrots International DVDs

For Information  contact

Or by mail at:

Parrots International

15332 Antioch Ave. #417

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


All photos and video are copyrighted by Parrots International and/or its contributing photographers and may not be reproduced or exploited in any fashion without permission from Parrots International. Where specific permission for media use has been given, please use the appropriate credit


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All proceeds from purchase of photos and donations for videos

are donated to 

Parrots International conservation projects